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Why do I need to register?


Why do I have to register?

After you have entered the event either via the online entry system through the internet or by sending us a paper entry form, your name and details are stored on our database on the entry system for the event.

Registration occurs immediately prior to the event to ensure that we know who is on the start line and riding the event.  If someone isn't back in front of the tail end vehicle this gives us the alarm that they be lost, or even ridden off the road somewhere, and we will instigate suitable procedures.

This is why we also like to have a contact phone number for all riders in case of emergency.

Registration is also when you collect your event pack, which will include:

  • Your transponder (timing device).  There will be a set of instructions of how we want you to attach this device to your bike.  This information will also be sent when you enter the event.
  • Safety information and briefing notes. This must be read by anyone riding in this event
  • Event number for your helmet. This is so we can identify you on the day of the event and also for the photographers so you can identify yourself in the photos of the event and download and certificates with your time.
  • You must also register to be eligible for the prizes and be able to identify yourself with your event number at prize giving when we draw all the big spot prizes.
  • Sponsors information and free samples
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